What defines the Perfect Home Office for you?

Everyone has their own vision of what the PERFECT OFFICE means to them.  The color scheme, design style, and organization are all things that are brought into account when trying to plan out the perfect working space.  I have moved around a few times the past 5 years living in high rise apartments downtown Chicago to moving down south to Texas.  Each space I have lived in had a unique room or area perfect to make of my design magic happen.  I still need to upload pictures of my own home but have pulled together some inspiration boards with unique color schemes and furniture selections.   For further information on product please email me  divaonadimeinteriors@gmail.com

diva on a dime interiors pink office marissa iacovoni

soft neutral office diva on a dime interiors marissa iacovoni

Industrial Chic

The design trend “Industrial chic” combines elements from as early at the 1990’s incorporated with modern pieces from the now.  Some may say this design style feels sterile, yet combining soft elements such as a sheepskin rug and touches of creams and whites can soften up the hardness of a space that evokes exposed brick or steel columns.  Metal plays a big part of the style with machined iron and steel paired with unfinished wood for a look that is delightfully nostalgic. Currently in the hospitality design world industrial design is hotter than ever. I have been seeing more and more projects incorporating industrial elements to their overall concept creating a more edgy appeal to a upscale hotel or restaurant.   In order to make this look work it is important to concentrate on adding one or two key pieces that are transitional yet traditional in form, giving rooms an injection of the unexpected. When shopping for this look think “old factory” with dynamic shapes.  I have found one of the biggest resources for a more industrial look would be Restoration Hardware, High Fashion Home, and West Elm.  All these suppliers have elements that are are in the direction of this design style, especially restoration Hardware.  For more information on how to get the look email me at divaonadimeinteriors@gmail.com.

Happy Shopping Design Divas!


industrial chic pin board diva on a dime interiors industrial chic diva on a dime interiors

Romantic Deep Purples

Whenever I start a project for a client I go through 3 phases: conceptualizing, inspiration, and then I make final selections.  It is important to get inspiration from pictures, artwork, furniture, postcards, etc.. to get inspiration for a feel and color palette for your room.  above are pictures of each step and how my room came to evolve through these steps.  With this room, I was inspired by deep purples and black.  I added white at the primary color to keep the room looking sleek and modern then adding pops of color with purple and black in patterns and textures.  I love the cowhide rug because it gives this room an edge to its Victorian glam feel.  I have been getting lots of requests on using deep purples!  This should inspire you! Happy Shopping this weekend!


Eclectic Color Blocking


Colorblocking is a trend that continues to “WOW” me in both in interior design and fashion. There are so many creative ways to experiment with this look. Whether you’re mixing colorful solids or choosing a piece that balances several colors without introducing a print, colorblocking can be an interesting way to emphasize the way colors interact with one another.

There are a few simple rules when trying to achieve this look:

1) Pick solid color pieces in your color choice.

2) Try to stay away from patten

3)Texture can be added by a rug or feather pillow but must be a solid color

4)  I like when black and white photos are used in the space with the bright colors because they don’t contrast with the color but enhance the bold hues.

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