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For most of us, the winter months drag on with not much sunlight and we easily over consume every carbohydrate we see to help with hibernation. Growing up in Michigan, I know a thing or two about a lack of vitamin D and serious craving for summer days during these dreary days.  Today’s post if for all of you summer craving individuals that need a fresh new look for the upcoming warm weather.  How incredible are these handwoven hammocks and hanging seats made from a family of artisans in Masaya, Nicaragua?  I was searching the web for my company BASH Event Design and came across Veronica Colindres.  She is a california native but moved to her parents homeland where her family has traditionally gained its income from creating beautiful Hammocks. Both her parents, siblings and herself are involved in the process, carefully putting together each hammock by hand.

Check out Vernoica Colindras product line on Etsy!


SALE ALERT: Kitchen Plates from West Elm

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Links to West Elm website to purchase this awesome steal click below!



Design Style: Moroccan Princess

yellHappy Tuesday Design Divas,

I have had quite the busy weekend working on some exciting upcoming projects!  I have been surfing the web and have been more inspired than ever by my friends and came up with today’s post.  We all have a unique design styles that brings out our personality through color, pattern, and shape.  My dear friend, business partner, and amazing designer, Lindsey Delany, Inspired me to make this board just for her!   I could never thank her enough for her knowledge and direction she has provided me with in the past 6 months.   As business partners, she makes me a better designer every day and inspires me to always “look into the details.”  Concepts and the big picture are my strong suits whereas Lindsey is all about the details and really brings projects together.  Lindsey and I met while working together and have had an amazing bond not only due to our love for design but also on a spiritual and friend level as well.   We both currently are co-founders and event directors at BASH EVENT DESIGN in Houston bringing our design aesthetic to the event planning scene in Houston, Texas.  I have been calling her the Morrocan Princess lately due to her love for pattern, color, and the Indian culture that brings to life this Morrocan Princess board.  What are your friends design styles? Let me know and I will make a design board just for you!

For more information regarding where to buy each item email me:

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Inspiration: Beach House Flare

Happy Friday Design Divas,

SUMMER is here and I am full of colorful inpiration.  Everywhere you look pops of color are showing up in towels, to comforters, to drapery.  There is something about color that brings a room to life.  I put together a few of my Beach House Favorites due to my crave to be at the beach every day. diva on a dime interiors Email me for further information on one particular item on the inspiration board

Going Pantone for EASTER

As a designer I am always having to match pantone colors to fabrics, carpet, drapery in order to match all colors to the same exact hue.  The Pantone Color Matching System is largely a standardized color reproduction system. By standardizing the colors, different manufacturers in different locations can all refer to the Pantone system to make sure colors match without direct contact with one another.  I found these creative eggs on Pinterest today and absolutely LOVED them.   This is a great example of the modernized egg.

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Thanksgiving Decor Inspiration & Deals

THANKSGIVING is right around the corner and I have been shopping around for the perfect table decor.  Almost every store will offer some sort of Fall harvest decor yet i am all about a good deal!  Check out above these awesome thanksgiving finds all budget friendly!