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DIY: Painting A Louis Vuitton Monogram Wall

louis vuitton wall diva on a dime interiors marissa iacovoni interior designer


Through the years Louis Vuitton always seems to amaze me with new patterns and crazy architecture in their stores.  They are always rising to the occasion when it comes to leather goods and making a statement.  I chose to make this very same statement in my kitchen a few years back.  I moved into a luxury high rise and wanted something different yet eye catching.  I decided to paint the Louis Vuitton Classic Monogram on one wall in my kitchen.  At first I was nervous about it looking tacky but I pulled it off by using just one color and on just one wall.  This pattern can be very overpowering to any space and easily can look tacky so you want to keep it to a minimum.  The project took my best friend and I about 5 hours to get everything to line up correctly.  If someone video’d the whole process I’m sure we could have gotten a reality TV award considering one of us had to hold the stencil extremely still while the other painted.  Through sweat and laughter and a few pulled back muscles we finally finished and the project is one of our finest to date.  Below is a step by step guide on how to get the same look:

1. A large Paint Brush

2. Small Paint brush for Touch Ups

3. Scissors

4. A sponge

5. Brown Paint ( Or a paint color of your choice)

6. Heavy stock poster board (Try to find something that is not flimsy.  when the paint gets on the paper it can become soft and hard to use over and over again.  Find something that will be easy to hold up while you sponge over the stencil.)

7. A pencil for drawing out your pattern

8. A Pattern of your choice.  I chose the classic but there are many different patterns you could do.


Day 1

1.  When Drawing out your stencil make sure to hold it up to your wall and figure out the size you want it to be.  Above is an example and is very small.  The actual stencil I used almost took up the entire poster board.

2.  Make sure when you cute out the stencil to have very straight lines because the smallest mistake will make the stencil look awkward on the wall. Once you are finished have a friend, boyfriend, parent help you hold it up to the wall.

3.  Carefully put a small amount of paint on the sponge and carefully dab over the stencil.

4.  Wait a few seconds for the paint to dry and pull the stencil out towards you.

5.  Make sure to do this in one motion or else it will drag on the paint and mess up the stencil.

6. Continue the steps above until you get the amount of pattern you want on your wall.  Make sure to mesaure out between your “LV’s” so everything looks balanced.

7.  Once you do the entire wall let the paint dry overnight.  There will be minor imperfections, but not to worry these can be fixed the next day.

Day 2

8.  Take a small paint brush and fix any minor imperfections and make the lines of the LV look more defined.  I went over almost all of mine to make sure Each LV looked perfect.  This takes a lot of time but it worth it in the end.

9.  Use the larger paint brush to fill the inside of the shapes to add a second coat. You may also need to use a white paint to fix any mistakes that need to be covered up.

10.  Let dry for another day

Day 3

11. Your wall should be finished!  I suggest not hanging anything on the wall and keeping this wall as a statement itself.

Pictured above was my final Louis Vuitton Monogrammed wall.  I hope this step by step guide helps you with your LV wall.  As you see my wall made a great backdrop for photo ops with my girlfriends as well! Please send me pictures when you finish your final project.


Marissa Iacovoni

The NEON Trend



I love everything about the neon trend. Reminds me of the 80’s and I have a weird obsession with big hair, neon glasses, and crazy make up.   Many people have a hard time grasping these bright items to add to their home decor.  The trend can be a bit overwhelming, yet adds a bit of excitement to your home of mostly monochromatic and neutral colors.
Getting with this trend is very “In the now”, but will also give a touch of youth and freshness to your everyday life at home.  This trend may pass quite fast but if you incorporate neon in the right places it will be a lasting look that can translate to any future design projects within your home.  I found some examples above of some ways to incorporate neon items in your home.  The inspiration board has several different looks where the trend was used in just the right places.  There is never a right or wrong way of doing things in your home.   You are the one that has to come home everyday to this place of serenity and relaxation.  Make your home what you want no matter what others opinions are.  Make your home be nothing less than YOU.

Make A Statement in Black & White

Gallery Walls are a fancy way to describe a collage or collection of art and or photos you enjoy to decorate your walls. I know in a previous post I said there is no”right way” to do a frame wall, and I still stand strong to that statement.   I like them neat and tidy. I like them fresh and modern or old and traditional.  There are endless opportunities to make your wall look spectacular.

Today’s post is all about Black and white photos and how to depict a certain mood from these photos.  I chose “Old Hollywood” as my main focus for all of my pictures chosen for my frame wall.  As you can see I found pictures of many old school Hollywood actors and actresses that I have found I could most relate to them personally and their films.  I have always had a huge passion for Jackie Kennedy and her personal style so I added her into the collection as well.

I have also done black and white photo walls with old pictures of family members for clients.  One of my most favorite projects was taking each family member: great grandmother, grandmother, mother, daughter, and her daughters wedding photographs and framing them in beautiful gold and black frames like pictured above.

As far as the back drop or color of the frame wall itself I would go with a neutral color or a bold pattern like the one above.  I would only do a bold pattern with 2 colors max and something pretty linear to the frames.  I would also only do a bold pattern if all the pictures are black and white because the pattern will make more of a bold statement that way.

I hope this helps all of my design divas this holiday season on preparing your home for guests and making it as beautiful as you are 😉

Deer Camp Chic

This is a perfect combination of rustic & comfortability with a relaxing ambience. My brother and I couldn’t be any more opposite.  I love the big city and he would be fine living in a farm home hunting all day.  He inspired me to do an inspiration board for those outdoor lovers that still want a chic space. Email me for further design assistance if you like the look!

Where to find the items:

Couch: West Elm
Chair: West Elm
Antler Chandelier: Restoration Hardware
Chevron Pillow: Restoration Hardware
Fleece Pillow: West Elm
Throws: West elm
Light fixture: Z Gallerie
Wood Basket: West Elm
Costers: West Elm
Wooden Balls: Home Goods
Table: Z gallerie
Antler Candles: Restoration Hardware

Happy Hunting!

Retro Finds From West Elm

LOVE these retro finds from WEST ELM.  I am currently working with a client that loves mid century modern.  I have been coming up with retro concept boards and FF&E selections and wanted to share this one.  Below each item is listed with pricing for your enjoyment!


2.  ELTON SETEE $699.00-899.00 (Yellow, Gray)

3. MARTINI SIDE TABLE $129.00 (Orange, Silver, White)


5. ELTON CHAIR $424.00-$509.00 (Yellow, Gray)


7. RETRO PILLOW $35.00

8.TWIG MIRROR $169.00

9. MIRRORED FRAMES $15.00-29.00