Keeping the PASSION


Often there are days we are tired, feel a lack of creativity, and can’t keep up with all of the things that keep us going each day. The one thing that keeps me going is PASSION. Passion to inspire my readers, create impeccable designs, and have an occasional BASH or two with the 2 most amazing business partners a girl could as for.  The past 2 weeks I have done a lot of reflection on balance, how to accomplish my dreams, and  make money doing it.  I apologize the for the lack of blog posts but BASH Event design needed some loving care and I needed to focus on how to bring all of my businesses to the next level.  The most successful people in the world need balance.  Balance requires daily schedules to keep them accomplishing there goals and dreams while producing the best work possible.  Never lose sight of your goals.  Sometimes we all need a break to breathe, figure out our next move, to become passionate again.   Keep your PASSION for what you love for this is the only thing we have that makes it all worth it after a long work day.  One day you will look back and be amazed by all you have accomplished due to the love and passion you had for your career.


Pastels Pin Board

Pastels Pin Board

Pastels Pin Board are my weeks favorite pins on Pinterest. I wanted to inspire you with some different ideas on how other designers are using pastels these days!  Due to having many high-end clients ranging from hotel to corporate with … Continue reading

Diva On A Dime Interiors: Etsy Nursery Picks of the Month!

I am constantly on different websites trying to find the most unique items to get my readers to think outside of the box for their home.  I am a HUGE fan of ETSY.  They have so many unique items by artists all over the world.  I could spend hours looking through the array of creative items.  Today I thought I would blog about a few of my favorite items for a chic nursery.  I have noticed a lot of people have been messaging me on my Facebook page asking for cute ideas for your new bundle of joy.  Here are a few great items you could incorporate with any ideas you have for your nursery.  If you click on the link you will notice that many items come in different styles and colors.  I definitely recommend  Etsy for cute unique baby decor  items.


diva on a dime interiors

Links To Buy Specific Items:

Coral Pillow with white flower:

Chevron gray framed flowers in Coral:

Tonight We Are Young Pillow:

She Believed She Could Nursery Print:

Coral & Gray Crib Bedding:

Chevron Elephant Plush Toy:

A dream is a wish artwork:

Gray and White Floor Ottoman:

Owl and Where the Wild Things..Mobiles: