What defines the Perfect Home Office for you?

Everyone has their own vision of what the PERFECT OFFICE means to them.  The color scheme, design style, and organization are all things that are brought into account when trying to plan out the perfect working space.  I have moved around a few times the past 5 years living in high rise apartments downtown Chicago to moving down south to Texas.  Each space I have lived in had a unique room or area perfect to make of my design magic happen.  I still need to upload pictures of my own home but have pulled together some inspiration boards with unique color schemes and furniture selections.   For further information on product please email me  divaonadimeinteriors@gmail.com

diva on a dime interiors pink office marissa iacovoni

soft neutral office diva on a dime interiors marissa iacovoni

Industrial Chic

The design trend “Industrial chic” combines elements from as early at the 1990’s incorporated with modern pieces from the now.  Some may say this design style feels sterile, yet combining soft elements such as a sheepskin rug and touches of creams and whites can soften up the hardness of a space that evokes exposed brick or steel columns.  Metal plays a big part of the style with machined iron and steel paired with unfinished wood for a look that is delightfully nostalgic. Currently in the hospitality design world industrial design is hotter than ever. I have been seeing more and more projects incorporating industrial elements to their overall concept creating a more edgy appeal to a upscale hotel or restaurant.   In order to make this look work it is important to concentrate on adding one or two key pieces that are transitional yet traditional in form, giving rooms an injection of the unexpected. When shopping for this look think “old factory” with dynamic shapes.  I have found one of the biggest resources for a more industrial look would be Restoration Hardware, High Fashion Home, and West Elm.  All these suppliers have elements that are are in the direction of this design style, especially restoration Hardware.  For more information on how to get the look email me at divaonadimeinteriors@gmail.com.

Happy Shopping Design Divas!


industrial chic pin board diva on a dime interiors industrial chic diva on a dime interiors

The NEON Trend



I love everything about the neon trend. Reminds me of the 80’s and I have a weird obsession with big hair, neon glasses, and crazy make up.   Many people have a hard time grasping these bright items to add to their home decor.  The trend can be a bit overwhelming, yet adds a bit of excitement to your home of mostly monochromatic and neutral colors.
Getting with this trend is very “In the now”, but will also give a touch of youth and freshness to your everyday life at home.  This trend may pass quite fast but if you incorporate neon in the right places it will be a lasting look that can translate to any future design projects within your home.  I found some examples above of some ways to incorporate neon items in your home.  The inspiration board has several different looks where the trend was used in just the right places.  There is never a right or wrong way of doing things in your home.   You are the one that has to come home everyday to this place of serenity and relaxation.  Make your home what you want no matter what others opinions are.  Make your home be nothing less than YOU.

DIY Christmas Wreath

diy wreath project diva on a dime interiors blog blogger


This year I decided to get some creative thinking going on how to make as many Christmas decorations as possible.  I have always wanted a beautiful wreath for my door yet never found “The One.” Its hard to find the perfect wreath that isn’t super expensive that has the colors, some glam, and look you want to go for.  My Christmas colors this year are Ivory and Gold.  I have a step by step guide below where to find the items you need to make a similar wreath for you home too.  Send me pictures of your finished wreaths once your finished!

Match the item number above to the number below to see where I got the items needed to make your glamorous Christmas wreath:

1.) Micheal’s Craft Store

2.) Hobby Lobby

3.) Micheal’s Craft Store

4.) Dollar Store

5.) Micheal’s Craft Store

6.) Hobby Lobby

7.) WalMart

8.) Hobby Lobby

9.) WalMart

Steps to make the wreath:

1) Take your twig wreath and carefully wrap the lighted garland around it until you fill the entire wreath.  Make sure to make it pretty tight.  I used a hot glue gun to glue the appropriate pieces to the stick wreath.
2.) stick the stem of the fake pointsettas into the wreath and wrap them around the garland.  Glue the ends to the garland so it stays into place.  Make sure to distribute the flowers evenly so the wreath looks balanced.
3)  Glue the pine cones in places looking bare on the garland.
4)Take a few of the Dollar Store Christmas bulbs and glue them to the wreath in remaining bare areas where there is garland.
5)  Add the holly to a few places near the bulbs.  You can stick the ends into the garland like you did the flowers.  Use your glue gun to make sure they will stay there by gluing the underside of the holly to the garland.
6) Take your wreath outside or a place if glitter gets all over it will be OK.  Lightly take a pinch of glitter and sprinkle it all over the wreath.  Try not to go overboard because you don’t want to have a glitter trail under your door.  Do this as many times as you think until it has the amount of bling you feel is appropriate.
7) Lightly shake the wreath so any access glitter will shake off.
8) Your Finished!

Living IN STYLE like Carrie Bradshaw on 245 E 73rd Street, between Park and Madison

carrie bradshaw apartment diva on a dime interiors

Every girl I know watches Sex and The city in hope of one day living in the stylish world of Carrie Bradshaw with insight on life and love as she has experienced through out the episodes.  I do have to say my guilty pleasure is laying in bed with a face mask and good tea watching re runs of probably the best made show for woman in our generation.  Living in downtown Chicago for 7 years, I completely could relate to her life and the things she went through.  I swear every episode I would text my Chicago pals to inform them our lives are a sex and the city episode.  From the designer goods, to the ever ending dating stories I feel we all can relate in some way or form.  Due to my love for interior design, I would always observe the sets of the show, especially the ever so famous Carrie Bradshaw apartment.  We saw her transition from her old apartment to a fresh bright new look in the movie.  I wanted to inspire all of you who dream of a city apartment, you too can have this fabulous look! We all know Carrie spent way more on her clothes, shoes, and handbags rather than her apartment and so are you! With my diva on a dime budget yet savvy stylish decor picks, you will be living in Style and the City Luxury!
1. White Frames, IKEA
2. White Lamp, World Market
3. Black Side Table
4.Silver Candle, Z Gallerie
5. white Entertainment Wall System, IKEA
6. White Desk, IKEA
7. Mirrored Vanity, Pier 1
8. Purple rug, The Rug Company
9. Sofa, SPLURGE! Anthropologie
10. White Drapes, World Market
11.Sherwin-Williams 6794 flyaway
12.Sherwin-Williams 7103Whitetail
13.Sherwin-Williams 6523 Denim

The items above are my picks that still resemble luxury yet are more budget friendly than the actual pieces used in Carries Apartment.  Ikea has many items that resemble very closely to the pieces in her bedroom such as: the frames, her desk, and the wall system.  They have many different types of wall systems to choose from if you want a different look than the one pictured. The paint colors are all interior paint swatches found at Sherwin Willliams.  The redone apartment is stylish and extremely neat and decked to the nines.

Carries Closet:

The only world I can think of when I think of the ever so famous Carrie Bradshaw closet is FABULOUS! Carrie Bradshaw has been described as a modern-day Cinderella, the girl next door, and the best friend we all wish we had on multiple occasions.  Her famous line, “I like my money right where I can see it…hanging in my closet” has been on the minds of woman all over the globe.   The closet is where Carrie’s collateral can be found in piles of designer clothing, shoes, and handbags. With an enviable list of names that would make any fashionista salivate, Carrie is an ideal candidate to work at Vogue and write about Marc Jacobs accessories.  To get this closet look you will have to have many areas for all of your favorite pieces.  Ikea has great on a budget closet organizing systems great for any space.  To put all of your favorite shoes you can use an old bookcase, by painting it to make it look vintage. You could also find one at Ikea where they come in 3 different colors at many different heights.  I currently have 3 of them and they work great for my shoes and keep me organized.

Today’s post may be one of my favorites..I am a dreamer and quite often dream about having that special place between Park and Madison with a closet full of shoes.  I hope I inspired you to depict a Sex and The City Pad in your own home that depicts your style from floor to ceiling.

Designer Marissa Iacovoni

Credits for floorplan: Artists Brandi Roberts and  Inaki Aliste Lizarralde draw the floor plans of TV homes.

Make A Statement in Black & White

Gallery Walls are a fancy way to describe a collage or collection of art and or photos you enjoy to decorate your walls. I know in a previous post I said there is no”right way” to do a frame wall, and I still stand strong to that statement.   I like them neat and tidy. I like them fresh and modern or old and traditional.  There are endless opportunities to make your wall look spectacular.

Today’s post is all about Black and white photos and how to depict a certain mood from these photos.  I chose “Old Hollywood” as my main focus for all of my pictures chosen for my frame wall.  As you can see I found pictures of many old school Hollywood actors and actresses that I have found I could most relate to them personally and their films.  I have always had a huge passion for Jackie Kennedy and her personal style so I added her into the collection as well.

I have also done black and white photo walls with old pictures of family members for clients.  One of my most favorite projects was taking each family member: great grandmother, grandmother, mother, daughter, and her daughters wedding photographs and framing them in beautiful gold and black frames like pictured above.

As far as the back drop or color of the frame wall itself I would go with a neutral color or a bold pattern like the one above.  I would only do a bold pattern with 2 colors max and something pretty linear to the frames.  I would also only do a bold pattern if all the pictures are black and white because the pattern will make more of a bold statement that way.

I hope this helps all of my design divas this holiday season on preparing your home for guests and making it as beautiful as you are 😉

Deer Camp Chic

This is a perfect combination of rustic & comfortability with a relaxing ambience. My brother and I couldn’t be any more opposite.  I love the big city and he would be fine living in a farm home hunting all day.  He inspired me to do an inspiration board for those outdoor lovers that still want a chic space. Email me for further design assistance if you like the look!

Where to find the items:

Couch: West Elm
Chair: West Elm
Antler Chandelier: Restoration Hardware
Chevron Pillow: Restoration Hardware
Fleece Pillow: West Elm
Throws: West elm
Light fixture: Z Gallerie
Wood Basket: West Elm
Costers: West Elm
Wooden Balls: Home Goods
Table: Z gallerie
Antler Candles: Restoration Hardware

Happy Hunting!

Romantic Deep Purples

Whenever I start a project for a client I go through 3 phases: conceptualizing, inspiration, and then I make final selections.  It is important to get inspiration from pictures, artwork, furniture, postcards, etc.. to get inspiration for a feel and color palette for your room.  above are pictures of each step and how my room came to evolve through these steps.  With this room, I was inspired by deep purples and black.  I added white at the primary color to keep the room looking sleek and modern then adding pops of color with purple and black in patterns and textures.  I love the cowhide rug because it gives this room an edge to its Victorian glam feel.  I have been getting lots of requests on using deep purples!  This should inspire you! Happy Shopping this weekend!