Fab Four // Under $25


Fur Throw  //  Wine Rack  //  Teak Wood Coasters  // Square Tray

Cool Product: Up In The Air Somewhere By Susan Dwyer



I am always looking for inspiring artists to captivate my readers.  I am blown away with these adorable ceramics and housewares by artist Susan Dwyer.  Shop her collection on Etsy!

Geometric Delights: The New Chevron



Towel Ring     Hexagon Pillow      Side Table      Geometric Wall Detail     

Geometric Pendant     Octagonal Hardware     LuLu Knob     Geo Light Blue Knob

Blue Pendant

Chic Glassware from Rosanna Luxe

I have many obsessions but one is everything GOLD.  I love how chic and sophisticated gold can impact a dinner party.  Elegant, Old Fashioned, and modern these plates, glasses, and mugs are perfection.

diva on a dime interiors blog diva on a dime interiors blog

Coffee Mugs:  http://www.zincdoor.com/p/Rosanna-Luxe-Moderne-Mugs-Set-of-4__RI94936.aspx

Old Fashion Glasses:  http://www.zincdoor.com/p/Rosanna-Luxe-Moderne-Double-Old-Fashioned-Glasses-Set-of-4__RI94984.aspx

Appetizer Plates: http://www.zincdoor.com/p/Rosanna-Luxe-Moderne-Appetizer-Plates-Set-of-4__RI94937.aspx

Inspiration: Industrial Chic Living Room

chic industrial glam diva on a dime interiors marissa iacovoniRug: Z Gallerie
Pillows: West Elm

Chair: West Elm:


Side Table: West Elm


Console: West Elm


Painting: Z Gallerie



Lighting: West Elm


Book Ends: West Elm


DIY Christmas Wreath

diy wreath project diva on a dime interiors blog blogger


This year I decided to get some creative thinking going on how to make as many Christmas decorations as possible.  I have always wanted a beautiful wreath for my door yet never found “The One.” Its hard to find the perfect wreath that isn’t super expensive that has the colors, some glam, and look you want to go for.  My Christmas colors this year are Ivory and Gold.  I have a step by step guide below where to find the items you need to make a similar wreath for you home too.  Send me pictures of your finished wreaths once your finished!

Match the item number above to the number below to see where I got the items needed to make your glamorous Christmas wreath:

1.) Micheal’s Craft Store

2.) Hobby Lobby

3.) Micheal’s Craft Store

4.) Dollar Store

5.) Micheal’s Craft Store

6.) Hobby Lobby

7.) WalMart

8.) Hobby Lobby

9.) WalMart

Steps to make the wreath:

1) Take your twig wreath and carefully wrap the lighted garland around it until you fill the entire wreath.  Make sure to make it pretty tight.  I used a hot glue gun to glue the appropriate pieces to the stick wreath.
2.) stick the stem of the fake pointsettas into the wreath and wrap them around the garland.  Glue the ends to the garland so it stays into place.  Make sure to distribute the flowers evenly so the wreath looks balanced.
3)  Glue the pine cones in places looking bare on the garland.
4)Take a few of the Dollar Store Christmas bulbs and glue them to the wreath in remaining bare areas where there is garland.
5)  Add the holly to a few places near the bulbs.  You can stick the ends into the garland like you did the flowers.  Use your glue gun to make sure they will stay there by gluing the underside of the holly to the garland.
6) Take your wreath outside or a place if glitter gets all over it will be OK.  Lightly take a pinch of glitter and sprinkle it all over the wreath.  Try not to go overboard because you don’t want to have a glitter trail under your door.  Do this as many times as you think until it has the amount of bling you feel is appropriate.
7) Lightly shake the wreath so any access glitter will shake off.
8) Your Finished!

Make A Statement in Black & White

Gallery Walls are a fancy way to describe a collage or collection of art and or photos you enjoy to decorate your walls. I know in a previous post I said there is no”right way” to do a frame wall, and I still stand strong to that statement.   I like them neat and tidy. I like them fresh and modern or old and traditional.  There are endless opportunities to make your wall look spectacular.

Today’s post is all about Black and white photos and how to depict a certain mood from these photos.  I chose “Old Hollywood” as my main focus for all of my pictures chosen for my frame wall.  As you can see I found pictures of many old school Hollywood actors and actresses that I have found I could most relate to them personally and their films.  I have always had a huge passion for Jackie Kennedy and her personal style so I added her into the collection as well.

I have also done black and white photo walls with old pictures of family members for clients.  One of my most favorite projects was taking each family member: great grandmother, grandmother, mother, daughter, and her daughters wedding photographs and framing them in beautiful gold and black frames like pictured above.

As far as the back drop or color of the frame wall itself I would go with a neutral color or a bold pattern like the one above.  I would only do a bold pattern with 2 colors max and something pretty linear to the frames.  I would also only do a bold pattern if all the pictures are black and white because the pattern will make more of a bold statement that way.

I hope this helps all of my design divas this holiday season on preparing your home for guests and making it as beautiful as you are 😉