Cool Product // Herringbone Bedding by FAB


Bedding is essential to the decor of any master bedroom.  I personally love bold pattern to bring emphasis to a space.  This herringbone duvet cover is perfect for a space with natural finishes.

Keeping the PASSION


Often there are days we are tired, feel a lack of creativity, and can’t keep up with all of the things that keep us going each day. The one thing that keeps me going is PASSION. Passion to inspire my readers, create impeccable designs, and have an occasional BASH or two with the 2 most amazing business partners a girl could as for.  The past 2 weeks I have done a lot of reflection on balance, how to accomplish my dreams, and  make money doing it.  I apologize the for the lack of blog posts but BASH Event design needed some loving care and I needed to focus on how to bring all of my businesses to the next level.  The most successful people in the world need balance.  Balance requires daily schedules to keep them accomplishing there goals and dreams while producing the best work possible.  Never lose sight of your goals.  Sometimes we all need a break to breathe, figure out our next move, to become passionate again.   Keep your PASSION for what you love for this is the only thing we have that makes it all worth it after a long work day.  One day you will look back and be amazed by all you have accomplished due to the love and passion you had for your career.


Inspiration // Colorful Office

colorful office diva on a dime interiors marissa iacovoniSofa: Ikea

Desk Chair:  Ikea
Desk with Shelving: Ikea

Pillow: West Elm||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-Pillows%20Shipping%7CFeatured%20Pillows-_-

Art: Z Gallerie

Rug: Madison Lily : Pricey but amazing rug selections!

Lighting: West Elm

Pastels Pin Board

Pastels Pin Board

Pastels Pin Board are my weeks favorite pins on Pinterest. I wanted to inspire you with some different ideas on how other designers are using pastels these days!  Due to having many high-end clients ranging from hotel to corporate with … Continue reading

Design Style: Moroccan Princess

yellHappy Tuesday Design Divas,

I have had quite the busy weekend working on some exciting upcoming projects!  I have been surfing the web and have been more inspired than ever by my friends and came up with today’s post.  We all have a unique design styles that brings out our personality through color, pattern, and shape.  My dear friend, business partner, and amazing designer, Lindsey Delany, Inspired me to make this board just for her!   I could never thank her enough for her knowledge and direction she has provided me with in the past 6 months.   As business partners, she makes me a better designer every day and inspires me to always “look into the details.”  Concepts and the big picture are my strong suits whereas Lindsey is all about the details and really brings projects together.  Lindsey and I met while working together and have had an amazing bond not only due to our love for design but also on a spiritual and friend level as well.   We both currently are co-founders and event directors at BASH EVENT DESIGN in Houston bringing our design aesthetic to the event planning scene in Houston, Texas.  I have been calling her the Morrocan Princess lately due to her love for pattern, color, and the Indian culture that brings to life this Morrocan Princess board.  What are your friends design styles? Let me know and I will make a design board just for you!

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Marissamorrocan princess diva on a dime interiors