Inspiration: Industrial Chic Living Room

chic industrial glam diva on a dime interiors marissa iacovoniRug: Z Gallerie
Pillows: West Elm||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-Pillows%20Shipping%7CFeatured%20Pillows-_-||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-Pillows%20Shipping%7CFeatured%20Pillows-_-
Chair: West Elm:||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-Featured%20Chairs-_-&cm_re=OnsiteSearch-_-SCHBillboard-_-SEARCH_TOPPRODUCT

Side Table: West Elm||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-Featured%20Mirror-_-

Console: West Elm||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-Featured%20Mirror-_-

Painting: Z Gallerie

Lighting: West Elm||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_–_-

Book Ends: West Elm||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_–_-

Inspiration // Colorful Office

colorful office diva on a dime interiors marissa iacovoniSofa: Ikea

Desk Chair:  Ikea
Desk with Shelving: Ikea

Pillow: West Elm||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-Pillows%20Shipping%7CFeatured%20Pillows-_-

Art: Z Gallerie

Rug: Madison Lily : Pricey but amazing rug selections!

Lighting: West Elm

Inspiration: Statement Bathroom

diva on a dime interiors statement bathroom marissa iacovoni I am all about a good STATEMENT bathroom when it comes to residentail interior design.  In most cases homes have one main floor bathroom for their guests.  Great ways to bring a statement is through interesting mirrors, wallcovering, and paint colors that really bring a small room to life.  In most cases you will want the towels, and bathroom accessories to be sleek and clean in order to balance the space and not compete with other textures and shapes within statement pieces.  I always try to concentrate on key design rules : emphasis( statement piece), color, texture (shower curtain), balance, and ambiance.  As a designer there is always reasoning to how or why I pair certain items together to create a well designed space.  To get the look or for more information on product email me

towels: West Elm

Shower Curtain: Horchow

Wallcovering: Designed custom by ME

Paint: Sherwinn Williams

Storage Glass Jars: West Elm

Mirror: Horchow

Marissa Iacovoni

What defines the Perfect Home Office for you?

Everyone has their own vision of what the PERFECT OFFICE means to them.  The color scheme, design style, and organization are all things that are brought into account when trying to plan out the perfect working space.  I have moved around a few times the past 5 years living in high rise apartments downtown Chicago to moving down south to Texas.  Each space I have lived in had a unique room or area perfect to make of my design magic happen.  I still need to upload pictures of my own home but have pulled together some inspiration boards with unique color schemes and furniture selections.   For further information on product please email me

diva on a dime interiors pink office marissa iacovoni

soft neutral office diva on a dime interiors marissa iacovoni

Inspiration: Beach House Flare

Happy Friday Design Divas,

SUMMER is here and I am full of colorful inpiration.  Everywhere you look pops of color are showing up in towels, to comforters, to drapery.  There is something about color that brings a room to life.  I put together a few of my Beach House Favorites due to my crave to be at the beach every day. diva on a dime interiors Email me for further information on one particular item on the inspiration board

Mono-chrome Loft

I have many places I shop for clients to find one of a kind pieces that will “WOW” my clients guests.  Since moving to Houston I was introduced the this gem “High Fashion Home.”  It tops one of my favorite places for everything Residential related with an array of different furniture types from different design eras.  Check out my inspiration for a modern minimalist mono chrome loft:

Deer Camp Chic

This is a perfect combination of rustic & comfortability with a relaxing ambience. My brother and I couldn’t be any more opposite.  I love the big city and he would be fine living in a farm home hunting all day.  He inspired me to do an inspiration board for those outdoor lovers that still want a chic space. Email me for further design assistance if you like the look!

Where to find the items:

Couch: West Elm
Chair: West Elm
Antler Chandelier: Restoration Hardware
Chevron Pillow: Restoration Hardware
Fleece Pillow: West Elm
Throws: West elm
Light fixture: Z Gallerie
Wood Basket: West Elm
Costers: West Elm
Wooden Balls: Home Goods
Table: Z gallerie
Antler Candles: Restoration Hardware

Happy Hunting!

Eclectic Color Blocking


Colorblocking is a trend that continues to “WOW” me in both in interior design and fashion. There are so many creative ways to experiment with this look. Whether you’re mixing colorful solids or choosing a piece that balances several colors without introducing a print, colorblocking can be an interesting way to emphasize the way colors interact with one another.

There are a few simple rules when trying to achieve this look:

1) Pick solid color pieces in your color choice.

2) Try to stay away from patten

3)Texture can be added by a rug or feather pillow but must be a solid color

4)  I like when black and white photos are used in the space with the bright colors because they don’t contrast with the color but enhance the bold hues.

Message me on Facebook for any questions! XOXO Happy designing divas!