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BOLD May Paint Color of the Month

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October paint colors

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Design Divas,

WHOS CRAZY FOR OMBRE!?! I don’t know about you girls..but I am in LOVE with everything ombre.  It is very trendy right now and there are so many fun ways you can incorporate this throughout your house!  First, you need to pick out the colors for your ombre.  In my example I chose different hues of pink.  I picked out these hues based on the inspirational photos I had of fashion, flowers, etc..  Once I found my colors I found there were 4 easy ways to incorporate this into my house by searching different blogs and sites for ideas!  You can do the following:
1) Paint ombre stripes
2) blend the ombre by taking a rag and blending the paint slowy into each other
3) Put books on a shelf in different hues of pink or the color of your choice all lined up to make a cool statement piece of color in any room.
4.)  You can also paint each drawer of the dresser a different hue light to dark going downwards.

I hope this inspired you for a fun DIY project this week!