Industrial Chic

The design trend “Industrial chic” combines elements from as early at the 1990’s incorporated with modern pieces from the now.  Some may say this design style feels sterile, yet combining soft elements such as a sheepskin rug and touches of creams and whites can soften up the hardness of a space that evokes exposed brick or steel columns.  Metal plays a big part of the style with machined iron and steel paired with unfinished wood for a look that is delightfully nostalgic. Currently in the hospitality design world industrial design is hotter than ever. I have been seeing more and more projects incorporating industrial elements to their overall concept creating a more edgy appeal to a upscale hotel or restaurant.   In order to make this look work it is important to concentrate on adding one or two key pieces that are transitional yet traditional in form, giving rooms an injection of the unexpected. When shopping for this look think “old factory” with dynamic shapes.  I have found one of the biggest resources for a more industrial look would be Restoration Hardware, High Fashion Home, and West Elm.  All these suppliers have elements that are are in the direction of this design style, especially restoration Hardware.  For more information on how to get the look email me at

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Design Style: Hollywood Regency

Hollywood Regency is a design style that is very glamorous with off white color tones, mirrored accents and overall sex appeal.  Soft shades of color like pastels give a calming effect making your space feel harmonious.  Soft shades of washy gray are completely evocative of glamour and elegance.  When I’m accessorizing a clean, unfettered space, I find that oversized silver and gray accouterments add just the right amount of sparkle and light.  Smokey gray glass, brushed nickels, and driftwood shades go with everything!

Since dedicating a previous design style board to one of my business partners, this one really brings out the personality of another business partner, Shayne Dalton.  She also is a designer and always brings in touches of glam for all of her clients whether its a sequined pillow, over the top light fixture, to a mirrored credenza she always brings the Hollywodtouch into a home.  She is extremely talented and always brings my creative design eye to the next level by her good eye for graphics and design concepts.  She always keeps me laughing as we embark on a new career move as co founders of BASH Event Design.

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Color High

I have seen BURSTS of color everywhere this summer from fashion to interiors.  Last summer neons were in full bloom whereas this year I am still seeing bright colors but more neutral color tones than the array of neons.  Here are some great inspiration for furniture pieces to really bring a room to life.  These are great pieces for personal offices where you can bring a fun look than you may not be able to accomplish in other areas of your home.  These furniture pieces are also great for children s rooms.

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diva on a dime interiors COLOR HIGH

Design Style: Moroccan Princess

yellHappy Tuesday Design Divas,

I have had quite the busy weekend working on some exciting upcoming projects!  I have been surfing the web and have been more inspired than ever by my friends and came up with today’s post.  We all have a unique design styles that brings out our personality through color, pattern, and shape.  My dear friend, business partner, and amazing designer, Lindsey Delany, Inspired me to make this board just for her!   I could never thank her enough for her knowledge and direction she has provided me with in the past 6 months.   As business partners, she makes me a better designer every day and inspires me to always “look into the details.”  Concepts and the big picture are my strong suits whereas Lindsey is all about the details and really brings projects together.  Lindsey and I met while working together and have had an amazing bond not only due to our love for design but also on a spiritual and friend level as well.   We both currently are co-founders and event directors at BASH EVENT DESIGN in Houston bringing our design aesthetic to the event planning scene in Houston, Texas.  I have been calling her the Morrocan Princess lately due to her love for pattern, color, and the Indian culture that brings to life this Morrocan Princess board.  What are your friends design styles? Let me know and I will make a design board just for you!

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Marissamorrocan princess diva on a dime interiors

Diva On A Dime Interiors: BOLD Interiors

Its rare you come across people in the design industry that feel comfortable doing a BOLD color statement in their home.  This special individual usually is someone who , from my experience, has a wild side and lives on the edge most of the time.  In most cases, they are some sort of artist or designer who is capable of taking risks.  BOLD color brings a huge statement to any room whether its in a chandelier, sofa, rug, or painting.  I pulled together some of my favorite pinterest picks for BOLD interiors to inspire your next design move.  I could not find the designer for these images so if you come across one and know the designer please let me know. As a designer, I know how much time it takes to come up with a great design and would also hope I would be noted for the job if this was my work.

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The NEON Trend



I love everything about the neon trend. Reminds me of the 80’s and I have a weird obsession with big hair, neon glasses, and crazy make up.   Many people have a hard time grasping these bright items to add to their home decor.  The trend can be a bit overwhelming, yet adds a bit of excitement to your home of mostly monochromatic and neutral colors.
Getting with this trend is very “In the now”, but will also give a touch of youth and freshness to your everyday life at home.  This trend may pass quite fast but if you incorporate neon in the right places it will be a lasting look that can translate to any future design projects within your home.  I found some examples above of some ways to incorporate neon items in your home.  The inspiration board has several different looks where the trend was used in just the right places.  There is never a right or wrong way of doing things in your home.   You are the one that has to come home everyday to this place of serenity and relaxation.  Make your home what you want no matter what others opinions are.  Make your home be nothing less than YOU.